120v Spdt 5a Minature (On-on) Toggle Switch


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Philmore, a brand under LKG Industries, Inc., offers a wide range of electronic accessory components for consumer items. As an importer, manufacturer, and marketer, LKG Industries provides products in categories such as Audio, Video, Television, Telephone, and Personal Computers. They also supply other electronics products including speakers, microphones, and LED lamps. Their portfolio includes multiple brands, including Philmore-Datak, Carter Craft, and Pfanstiehl. Established in 1988 by Wayne and Judy Timpe, LKG Industries remains a family-owned business with its headquarters in Rockford, IL. Since 2006, the company has been led by Mr. Kittikarn "Karn" Mejudhon, who brings over thirty years of experience in the electronics industry, with over fifteen years in management positions at LKG. LKG Industries stands out for its extensive range of electronic accessories. They strive to stay current with their product offerings while continuing to stock parts that have been in demand for many years. With over 40 employees and annual revenues approaching $9 million, they are a leading provider of special design wall plates, many of which are assembled in-house. LKG also serves as a reliable source for hard-to-find accessories and components for older technologies, including phonographs. Among their product offerings, LKG provides a vast selection of audio and video cables, HDMI cables, splitters, wall plates, coax cables, USB cables, RCA cables, and more. They also specialize in cable management solutions, offering various cable ties, mounts, and supports. For customers with an electronics focus, LKG Industries offers circuit breakers and a wide range of component parts. Microphone solutions are a major focus for LKG, with a range of components including adapters, stands, booms, windscreens, and lapel mics. They also offer lighting solutions, tools, transformers, bulk wire, tapes, switches, soldering equipment, cases, cooling fans, and automotive components. With a comprehensive inventory of over 12,000 different parts available in packaged or bulk quantities, LKG Industries strives to keep a ready supply on hand for prompt shipping when needed.
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