Oregon Thread-iT Wire Pulling Rod


Thread-iT Pulling Rod is a sturdy and simple device that allows you to pull wire or cable through walls, floors and ceiling without the use of tape! The threaded tip makes it easier to connect and pull the wire through the wall or floor.

Features :

  • Gets wire through old holes that are ragged or partially blocked
  • Easy to grip, and long enough for both hands
  • Doesn’t require sheath stripping
  • Won’t release the wire even with substantial tugging – it must be cut off or un-threaded
  • The screw end can be used to mark or start holes
  • Non-Conductive Construction
  • High-Visibility Powder Coating



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CIFA# 84973

The Thread-iT is a sturdy and simple device that is capable of starting multiple types and sizes of wire or cable through walls, floors and ceilings with ease. It’s a slender rod with a blunt probe end and a threaded wire connecting end. When attaching the wire to the tool, you don’t need to strip the sheath from the wiring. Merely screw the tool into the end of the wire insulation.

The probe end of the Thread-iT will guide the tool through the wall, ceiling or flooring and insulation. By pushing the device through the wall, the attached wire follows and is also threaded through the wall.

Our staff here at Cable and Connections tried the Thread-It with RG6, RG59, CAT5, CAT6, 18/2, 24/4, 23AWG Mini Coax, and just about every wire and cable we could find in our warehouse. The Thread-It consistently worked perfectly with everything we tried!


Oregon Thread-It

Length (ft)

12", 24", 36"

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