STI Firestop SpecSeal SSM Firestop Mortar


  • Can be poured, pumped, or troweled in place
  • Partners with other SpecSeal Firestop Products
  • Durable permanent seal
  • Re-penetrable allowing for future penetrants

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SpecSeal SSM Firestop Mortar is a light-weight cost conscious solution for oversized openings in concrete walls and floors. Once mixed with water, SpecSeal Mortar forms a light weight, low density slurry that easily applies into concrete walls and floors. SpecSeal Mortar cures quickly and will not spall or crack due to freezing or changes in temperature.

Physical Properties

Color Palered
OdorNo perceptible odor
Density Mixed (Wet)53 to 80 lb/cu. ft = 7.1-10.7 lb/gal (0.85-1.28 kg/L)
Density (Dry Mortar)24 to 26 lb/cu. ft = 3.21-3.4 lb/gal (0.38-1.42 kg/L)
Flame Spread0*
Smoke DevelopementLess than 5*
Application Temperature35°F (2°C) to 100°F (38°C)
In Service Temperature-10°F (-23°C) to 200°F (93°C)
Storage TemperatureNo Limit
Ratio of Water/Mortar17.4/22 to 22/22
Yield (Per 22 lb.)1,250 cu. in (20.5 L) to 1,400 cu. in (22.9 L)
Open Time30 Minutes working time
Shelf LifeNo Limit

*Tested to ASTM E84 (UL723) at 14% surface coverage (modified test for sealants and caulks)


STI Firestop


22 Pound Fiber Bag, 6 Gallon Pail

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