STI Firestop EZ-Firestop Grommet (up to 7 mm)

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Two-piece split cable grommet for single cable penetrations up to 0.27″ (7 mm) diameter. 10 Grommets per bag.

  • Suited for addressing single membrane or complete through-penetrations
  • Available as a single cable or multiple cable solution
  • Ideal for Alarm, Security or Wireless Access Point installations
  • Designed for 1 & 2 Hr Fire-Rated Gypsum Board Wall assemblies
  • Professional finished appearance

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EZ-Firestop Grommets make sealing penetrations of individual and small bundles of cables through gypsum board walls a snap. Molded from premium plenum-plastics and incorporating a soft foam inner core, EZ-Firestop Grommets eliminate the need for sleeves, firestop putties & sealants.

Physical Properties

Plenum GradeYes
Leakage RatingLess than 1 CFM (ANSI/UL1479)
In Service TemperatureLess than 130°F (54°C)
VOC contentN/A
Shelf LifeNo Limit
Overall Length1 5⁄8″ (41.3 mm)
Installed Depth (from wall surface)1 9⁄16″ (39.7 mm)
Required Opening for RFG19⁄16″ (14 mm)
Weight for RFG10.01 lbs (5 g)
Required Opening for RFG21″ (25 mm)
Weight for RFG20.03 lbs (14 g)


STI Firestop

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